9 Plumbers Share Their Wackiest Moments While Working in Someones House

Who needs a plumber when I have a plunger?

Don’t you hate when the toilet gets clogged, a broken water line or your garbage disposal gets backed up? There is a probably someone that dreads these more than you, your plumber.

Well, would you believe that the majority of people thinks nothing about throwing items down the toilet? Or attempting to replace plumbing fixtures without any experience whatsoever?

Army men, Legos, baby dolls, cell phones and even body parts are just the tip of the iceberg. The items plumbers have had to retrieve from toilets, sinks and water lines are mind boggling.

Horror stories, and funny stories emerge on a regular basis from plumbers and their technicians. Often they find themselves in situations they wish they could run from.

Every career that involves going into another person’s home opens the door to seeing, hearing and smelling just about everything you can imagine.

Bugs, rats, snakes, feces, urine, dead animals are just the tip of the iceberg that plumbers endure daily. It happens, and it happens all the time.

Think about the jobs plumbers get called to do that need maintenance or repair work. Not such pretty thoughts, huh? If you could pick one career that you would hate to be which one would you choose? My guess is a plumber because of all they must endure.

Not just with plumbing issues, but with the people themselves. Installing new equipment, or connecting pipes wouldn’t be so bad. It’s all those other jobs that involve the nastiest, craziest projects (and people) of all.

Well, wait till you hear the horror stories and the most embarrassing funny stories. Plumbers are those that share and experience nasty up front and personal.

Story 1: Hello Mr. Ma’am

Just another day in paradise for this plumber, or maybe not. Getting called to this home to repair a clogged toilet, the plumber shows up earlier than expected. Happy to finish his day earlier than he had expected and calling it a day he strolled to the door.

After knocking on the door several times, the customer opens it with a bright smile on his, err, her face. There stood the client in daisy dukes, a pink halter top, long red hair, pink fingernails and one rather large Adams apple.

The tenant led the plumber to the bathroom, showing it was a nasty over-flowing mess. After several failed attempts with the plunger, he decided to pull out the big guns, the plumbing snake. After a few jabs with the plumbing snake, the issue became clear on why things were a bit backed up. Out comes an enormous real snake. Not the pipe tool, but the real deal.

As soon as he/she saw the snake and its size, the squealing began and so did the bonding of the tenant and the plumber. Neither expecting to see a reptile plummet from the toilet, grabbed on to each other and jumped in the shower together.

The plumber called his pest control friend to come over and handle the rescue of the snake. When his friend arrived, he found his plumber friend balled up in the corner of the shower.

There stood the plumber with a male/female in daisy duke and pink fingernails. Needless to say, this story will make many plumbers laughs for years to come.

Story 2: There is a Turkey in The Toilet

It’s hard to find a plumber that will come out on a big day such as Thanksgiving and when you do, you can bet it’s going to cost a pretty penny. One plumber in Florida shares his story about his call to a home where the plumbing clogged up. Once the plumber began working on the toilet, he could see parts of a carcass rising with each plunge.

When the plumber asked the homeowner if she had placed items in the toilet, she informed him that she had flushed the turkey.When asked why, she replied,”due to not having a garbage disposal, I opted to flush the carcass”.

Story 3: Merry Christmas, Here’s The Bill

One husbands attempt to surprise his wife with a brand new bathroom sink for her Christmas gift, somehow went south.This husband would have pulled it off had he considered the in-wall line running behind the sink.

One cut was all it took to be the reason a plumber arrived at  4am bringing Christmas cheer and a hefty bill with him. With water pouring out everywhere, not only did the sink get replaced, but so did all the sheet-rock.

Story 4: Hi, I Am Your Son’s Girlfriend

A lucky young man decided to bring his girlfriend to meet his family for the first time over Thanksgiving dinner. With all the rich, tasty foods she found herself needing a bathroom, and fast. You can guess the need for the big rush upstairs.

The toilet clogs and backs up, and in a panic, she eases back downstairs thinking no one would notice. This would have been the perfect plan had the toilet not overflowed. Toilet water and its contents dripped through the ceiling onto all the guest heads after a few minutes.

Pretty safe to say there was either no next date or they got married thinking the worst that could happen was over.

Story 5: Hey, While You’re Down There

One not so bright husband decides to install new faucets on Thanksgiving day. Why not, no better time for new appliances than when the big meal of the year is cooking?

Well, here is why. Seems the husband wasn’t as handy as he thought he was and ended up calling a father and son plumbing company to finish the job.

Somehow, with all the confusion taking place in the kitchen, the son ends up assisting with the meal by removing the bird from the oven. With dad lying on his back while working on the pipes, the son trips. He drops the pan full of hot turkey, and all its trimmings right onto the dad’s stomach.

The turkey and the plumbers clothing ruined, but on the bright side, the new sink installed

Story 6: Hey, That’s No Water Line

When this homeowner needed help with an unexpected issue being nowhere in the home had hot water. His “good buddy” hooked him up with an unlicensed plumber that was “good and cheap, too”, he took the bait.

The mastermind plumber came to the conclusion that a new hot water heater was what needed to correct the situation.

The homeowner agreed and the process of changing it began. While working the mastermind plumber failed to realize that both the water line and the gas line were copper.

Out comes the torch to disconnect the soldered fitting that he assumed was the waterline. Here is where things take a major turn, it wasn’t the waterline, it was in fact the gas line.

Once the copper fitting began to heat the pressure then caused the fitting to fly off, exposing the gas which lit up like a blow torch. Both ran for their lives, leaving the exposed flaming gas line, and I am sure you can take a guess at what happened next.

Yep, the fire department and licensed repairmen came to the rescue putting out the fire. But not before it caused major damage to the structure of the home.

Story 7: Here Kitty Kitty

On what should have been a simple unclogging job turn into a neighborhood feud. This plumber gets called to a house to unclog the drainage.

After many failed attempts, to rotor the drain because it  filled with rocks, the plumber decided to pull out the big guns, a Jetter.

Watching the workers prepare to clean the drain the plumber noticed the rocks were the same as the neighbors. By the washout close to their patio were piles of the exact color and type rocks.

Then the jetting began along with a lot of screaming and lets just say plenty of not so nice words. With water  shooting up in the air, along with tons of litter and poop from the home owner removing the clean out valve placing it all in there.

As he looked over the fence, there stood the homeowner covered in water, litter and poop. There she stood screaming every dirty word she could think of.

Story 8: Anybody Know Where My Phone is?

While working his way through college this young man decided to take a part-time job working with a plumbing company. The college campus library had continuous plumbing issues, the toilet stayed clogged.

After making at least a dozen service calls he decided to yank the toilet out. There lay the problem, a female had dropped her phone in the toilet. It somehow made its way past the U but remained hung up on the reduction point.

After calling the owner to let her know her phone was no longer lost she never showed up to get it.. Hmmm, wonder why?

Story 9: Who Let The Dogs Out?

Taking the last service call for the day this plumber was sure this would be a simple unclog job, then he could go home and call it a day.

Once he arrived at the house and the owner opened the door to let him in, this is where the nightmare began. Not one, but five little ankle biters began to yap at him non-stop.

The owner didn’t seem to care at all about the noise and chaos the little pups were making. Once the plumber went to the bathroom, he began to work on the plumbing.

Suddenly, things went from bad to worse as all five dogs ran into the room in full attack mode. The little pups were snapping and nipping at every place they could reach. Calling out in despair to the home owner only made it worse.

When the owner came into the bathroom and saw the plumber pushing the dogs away from him, she became irate and began to hit on him as well. The plumber continued to attempt to get away, but between the dogs and the woman hitting him, he couldn’t move.

The dogs managed to get out of the plumbers work box a package of beef jerky he had placed in there for a snack. Once they managed to retrieve it, every one of the dogs left the room, leaving him lying on the floor in a panic.

The homeowner told him the reason she didn’t help he was always do as they tell me to do and they told me to attack, so I did. This clogged toilet didn’t get unclogged by this plumber, but he did send her a nice lawsuit.


What a career these folks have, eh? While you sit at your desk complaining because you never get much time outdoors, think of these plumbers. If you often wish you had a different job, just think of these folks that work inside the houses of other people.

Among the reptiles, poop, and crazy people, every day is an adventure for those that do plumbing. Remember this next time you have a plumbing problem, or need plumbing installed. Ask your worker about the strangest things they have seen. Sit down, relax and enjoy the stories.