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  • A water leak can take a number of different forms that can be challenging for homeowners to find. Leaks cost homeowners a lot of money each year. However, there are some easy ways that Not only that, but it can also prevent plumbers…

  • “I scheduled, through AHS, a service for two minor plumbing issues that I had, faucet leak and sink back-up. The technician arrived on time and identified and fixed the problem right away (excess sediment in the pipe and faucet) He even replaced part of the faucet which was deteriorating. All in all, I was very happy with the service. I would use them again.”

    Joe M. from Encino, CA
  • Service Zone, Inc, along with our team of expert plumbers have been happily serving those in need of quality, friendly plumbing for over 15 years. Our plumbing team is fully licensed in the state of California and has years of experience. While we guarantee high-quality service for anyone in need of plumbing assistance in and around the Greater Los Angeles area and overall San Fernando Valley area, you can count on us every time.

    When it comes to receiving excellent